5km Family Fun Walk

You’re probably wondering if you’re eligible to take part in our upcoming fun walk. The answer is simple, it’s a yes! The fun walk is open to people of all ages and is not limited to preemie families Did you know that children enjoy spending time outdoors? We encourage you to bring them along to […]

NICU Awareness Month

September is NICU awareness month, therefore, our organisation joined the global effort to raise awareness about this life saving unit at the hospitals. Someone who has no experience with the preemie world may wonder what is a NICU? A NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT which forms part of the hospital in the maternity ward. Here, our premature infants receive round […]

The Big Reveal

We are thrilled to finally launch the foundations website. www.mahlogonolothobile.org This has been the busiest project to ever work on in 2023. Putting together data we’ve been collecting since inception until today.  Our website, an interactive site. We look forward to connecting with families visiting the site.  Feel free to share with everyone around you. […]