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Mahlogonolo Thobile Foundation

A non-profit organisation that supports families of premature babies who find themselves in an unexpected and unplanned journey. We have been assisting with newborn baby essentials since November 2019.

About Us

Moshala Mothiba launched the Mahlogonolo Thobile Foundation in November 2019, to support families with premature babies. The organisation is named after our daughter, Mahlogonolo, who introduced us to the world of preemies. This is based on my personal experience as a preemie mom to a now 9 years old princess. 

When I gave birth to Mahlogonolo, there were no South African stories to guide me through premature birth. Instead, the internet was flooded with international stories I could not relate to, such as child birth weights and milestones being told in a different language. I sought for atleast African stories that I could relate to. The experience prompted me to tell our story so the next preemie mom does not have to go through what I’ve experienced then.

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Our Gallery

Feziwe Mom to a 32weeker at 1.8kg at birth in 2013

Preemie spend 3 months and 19 days in NICU. Years later, I am in awe of what the Lord has done! Would have never made it through without His Grace

Primrose Mom to a 29weeker at 1250g at birth in 2018, stayed 50days in NICU

Never give up as each day represents a new milestone. Together for neonatal babies!

Jordan Mom to 25weeker, 625g at birth in 2021

Grateful to be part of the online support group

Zizo Mom to two preemies with an angel in heaven. My first born was at 26 weeks of gestation at 460g at birth in 2019. Stayed for 106 days in NICU

The preemie moms tribe has been my go to tribe of mothers since I found them on social media. Their support and comforted me when I lost my second born baby.

Maneo Mom to 29weeker preemie, 640g at birth. Baby stayed in NICU from January 2020 to May 2020

No matter how difficult the journey feels. God is still sovereign, keep your energy positive. If you feel deflated, please don’t go visit. Consider taking a day off to recuperate, the baby is well taken care off in NICU. Call in to check up on the warrior and you'll be given a comprehensive report of your baby development on that particular day

Dikeledi Mom to 26 weeker preemie, 945g at birth in 2021. Baby stayed for 85 days in NICU

For many of us, the journey started very challenging. God send His angels to comfort us on this journey as we continue to thrive with our miracle baby. Grateful to be part of Preemie Moms Tribe since August 2021. My family appreciate their love and support through out our NICU stay and post graduations

Mzuzu Mom to 32 weeker preemie, stayed 44 days in NICU

Through this journey, I learned to be patient and celebrate even the tiny milestones because those matter the most in the preemie world. Our babies are unique like that.

Andisa Mom to 24 weeker, my miracle baby

God has and still is faithful, it hasn't been an easy journey for the family. We continue to trust in Him. To preemie moms tribe, God sees all your efforts and love you show every family you connect with. Thank you so so much

Lesego I am a preemie and a mom to 26 weeker in 2016 and 36 weeker preemies in 2021.

When I look at both my girls, I thank God for strength invested in me and the undying support from my husband. Learned to be patient and loved more than I could ever imagine. God has been our shoulder to cry on throughout the experience

Cebisa Twin mom at 27 weeks of gestation in April 2020 during the hard lockdown. Twin B-5months & Twin A 5months and 2 weeks in hospital

That period alone was very stressful and challenging for me, navigating pregnancy during COVID. Twin A grew wings at 6 months, may his soul continue to rest in peace. His brother is currently receiving medical assistance as the Dr's discovered that his milestones are delayed. Thankful to have found the foundation on facebook and they have been my pillar of strength together with the Preemie Moms Tribe.

Mom Maureen Mom to 28weeker, 500g at birth in 1991

I thought she was safer in hospital surrounded by Dr and nurses. I had hope and faith in God, prayed a lot and my prayers were answered. Today she’s 32yrs old and thriving

Pilgrim Mom to 30weeker preemie at 1,39kg at birth. Baby stayed for 32 days at NICU in 2020

Thank you for opening the door to a wonderful tribe and movement through your foundation

Mom Zanele Granny to 32 weeker preemie, born in May 2020. baby stayed 90 days in NICU

We gained a family through the foundation as they understood what we went through. Losing a mother due to complications after birth, to a baby coming home to granny. The foundation has been a blessing for the family together with the preemie moms tribe. May God continue to give the founders strength to support many more families out there. For the tribe to continue to raise awareness about premature birth by continuously sharing their experiences on this journey

Rose Preemie mom

Thank you Moshala for starting the support group. We really appreciate your effort to reach out to preemie families. May God bless you.

Azande Mom to 31weeker preemie in 2019 and spend 53 days in NICU

God really was with us as He gave me strength to cope with everything. Enabled me to focus on giving my baby the support he needed. I am grateful to have found the tribe to walk the journey with me

Sandisiwe Preemie Mom

What a journey! Nothing can ever prepare you for the preemie world. Thank you to Life Brenthurst Hospital for everything they’ve done for my princess. She was discharged after 69 days and we are blessed with a tribe of mothers that continue to support us

Boitumelo Mom to 27weeker preemie, 935g at birth. Baby spend 75 days in NICU

Today we testify of the goodness of the Lord upon my family, it wasn’t easy but kept us strong and grew in faith. Thank you to the tribe for support, sharing your experience gave me hope to trust the process

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Edenvale Hospital
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Rahima Moosa Mother & Child hospital
Park Lane Hospital
South Rand Hospital
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