5km Family Fun Walk


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Published October 8, 2023

You’re probably wondering if you’re eligible to take part in our upcoming fun walk. The answer is simple, it’s a yes! The fun walk is open to people of all ages and is not limited to preemie families

Did you know that children enjoy spending time outdoors? We encourage you to bring them along to the fun walk and let’s explore 5km in Braamfontein and Park Town together. Bring out their strollers and let’s make it a play date next month

What is the intention of the fun walk?

Throughout the year, we strive to raise awareness about preterm birth. November is Prematurity Awareness Month, and we will be intensifying our efforts for the big day on the 17th of November. November 11th, we will host a family fun walk where healthcare professionals will talk about their role on our journey while preemie families share their personal experience with the participants.  We aspire to educate more communities about our journey.

Exciting news!

Gauteng EMS known as the “THE GREEN ANGELS” will be featured at the walk. On the day, they will exhibit their child friendly ambulance while providing emergency medical services. They’ve got so much to share with us, come through to the fun walk and get to know them better.

Don’t be left behind, do the right thing by sharing with your family and friends about our upcoming fun walk. Click on the link below to let us know how many people will be joining you on the fun walk.

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