NICU Awareness Month

September is NICU awareness month, therefore, our organisation joined the global effort to raise awareness about this life saving unit at the hospitals. Someone who has no experience with the preemie world may wonder what is a NICU? A NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT which forms part of the hospital in the maternity ward. Here, our premature infants receive round the clock medical care in the early hours, days, weeks, and months after birth. Because of different medical conditions at birth, some full-term infants sometimes end up in the NICU. Our babies are still in the early stages of development because we delivered prematurely. They require immediate medical attention which is provided for at this specific unit. Nobody really know the exact period of a baby NICU, sometimes the Dr and Nurses work on estimates. It is often determined by the baby development while we all join hands in giving them the support needed. This is a unit that completely changed many people’s life. Premature birth and the NICU experience has had an impact on families. The one unit that is full of mixed emotions and can be overwhelming at times. Doctors and NICU nurses working in this unit are often referred to as our “living angels”. They nurture our children like their own and go the extra mile to comfort each and every family that walks into their doors. We are forever grateful to every medical team member and the bonds created with all the NICU families. “The NICU is a place where the tiniest hands hold the biggest hearts.” Are you a NICU family, would love to hear about your NICU experience